About Lauren

I am a name-collecting, hippie-loving, obsessive-compulsive appreciator of beauty, with an art history degree, a camera, and a serious case of wanderlust…

At age 3, I began a habit of wandering off on my own without telling anyone, which has gotten me into a lot of trouble.
At 5, I choreographed tap shows for my parents and made my little brother join me.
At 6, I made from scratch an entire family of paperdolls plus a free-standing paper house with furniture.
At 7, I dated TJ Spearman.  He wore large glasses and glued stickers to the back of my chair.
At 8, I stuffed my swimsuit top with Kleenex.
At 10, I attended my first father-daughter square dance.
At 13, I was the star backstroker on my swim team.
At 16, I traded in my 110 film for my first SLR camera. But I still took artsy photos of sneakers and sunsets.
At 17, I got suspended from school for hitting a cheerleader.
At 18, I spent a month in Africa.  I haven’t been the same since.
At 20, I lived in a shopping center in Guam, right above a Japanese karaoke bar.
At 22, I married a man named Steve, even though I have a brother named Steve.
At 24, I shaved my head just because I’ve always wanted to.
At 27, I gave birth to my first daughter in a pool at home.
At 29, I meditated at the feet of the Buddha in Red Feather Lakes.
At 30, I gave birth to my second daughter and found courage in my motherhood.
At 32, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.