2 months


Dear Birdie,

I completely missed your one month mark. Such is the existence of the second born, I suppose. By one month, you were already smiling goofy smiles. Your neck muscles were already strong. All around, you seemed much older than four weeks. You accomplished a lot cooking that extra week past your due date.

Now you are two months old and TEETHING. I noticed that you were drooling abnormally large quantities and fixating your mouth on your hands and working your tongue like a little lizard. I joked to your papa that if I didn’t know better, I would think you’re teething – but surely not before you’re two months old. Then as your mouth was wide open, screaming from apparent pain, I saw them clearly: THREE MOLARS. God help us all. I scrambled to find what seemed to be the last teeny-sized amber teething necklace in the Denver metro. Your drooling has lessened but still covers your hands as you try your darnedest to soothe your poor gums.

Your biggest delight in life is face-to-face conversation. You are quick to smile and liberal with your “coo”s. You are thrilled that your little coo can initiate a response, and you just let the conversation flow back and forth, having the grandest time, eyes huge and happy.

Your desire for human interaction has you asking to sit in your own seat so you can actively participate with everyone else in the room. You like to have your own spot at the table, pulled up right beside to join in the discussion.

You bring me such joy, baby girl. I didn’t quite know what to expect when we were “expecting” you. Deciding to give birth to you was the most courageous decision I think I’ve ever made. And boy am I glad I did. Carrying and delivering you was empowering for me as a woman and as a mother. Thank you for that. Even more, I’m thrilled to know you and watch you grow. I can’t imagine our family without you.


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