nine/ten months

SO late! But I have a pretty good excuse: we moved to a new house! Glorious freedom of our own space and belongings. A perfect set-up for us. But these last two months have also been chock-full of MAJOR milestones for you, my little one!


Month NINE (July):

  • You figured out your sippy cup so that you’re drinking out of the spout instead of turning it over to suck on the bottom.
  • You’re standing. On your own. In the middle of the room.
  • You helped me teach my first cloth diapering class. And you talked over top of me the whole time. We all appreciated your unique perspective.
  • You took Grams to see your first clown (her favorite!) at the library for her birthday. You were more interested in watching the other kids’ reactions than whatever the clown was doing.
  • You took your first ride in a swing. Again, you were more thrilled about watching the older kids than you were about swinging.
  • You learned to wave. But it usually follows a long, skeptical stare at your subject.
  • With much pain and distress, you popped out your top two front teeth within a few days of each other. Your toothy grin has completely transformed your little face.
  • You got to meet your auntie and cousins from Ohio! They absolutely adored you, of course.
little bookworm

Month TEN (August):

  • I thought surely you would be walking around by the time you turned nine months old, but you decided to perfect your warp-speed super crawl before taking your first steps. The first one happened in the bathtub with little fanfare from you. But then you started adding a few steps here and there, and before we knew it, we had a toddler!
  • You figured out how to climb up the stairs at work – just in time to move away from a three-story house to a ranch-style duplex.
  • We searched for the perfect, used bike trailer so we could all hop on the green belt right by our house. You hate it. Back carry it is.
  • You used your first word: As we were laying down for a nap, I moved, thinking we were all done with nursing, but you faceplanted my chest and then insisted “MAK!” I asked, “Milk?” To which your face lit up in satisfaction that I had, in fact, understood you correctly. You have used “mak” another time or two since, when you are in apparent dire need of the stuff.
  • You met my favorite stuffed animal, “Rac,” and fell in love. Your Uncle Scott gave him to me for my third Christmas, and I’m thrilled to pass him on to you.
  • You continue to LOVE books. I often find you “reading” your books by yourself, slowly studying each page – usually upside down – before turning to the next. And when we read to you, you sit very still until you turn the page for us.
  • You eat up anything pickled and garlicky. And you’re willing to eat food more often, but you much prefer to share with Jackson and Kenya, who now know to stand dutifully by the high chair to wait for your hand-outs. You think it’s hilarious.

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