eight months

Oh my baby girl! This month has flown by so fast because you are changing so fast!


The first two days of June produced your first two teeth. You sprouted a third last week, and I can see number four on its way.

The second week of June, we were excited to visit Papa’s family while your great grandma was in town to show them that you could push yourself up to sitting. But then you blew us all away with your first crawl!

Crawling was old hat for you by Father’s Day, so you started pulling up to standing using whatever is nearby – including the dogs (poor, patient Dillon). You’ve even let go to stand unsupported for over fifteen seconds at a time!

Your new favorite outing is story time at the library. You pay close attention to the stories and groove with the songs. Last week, the librarian pulled out a bubble machine that made all the kids circle in close. And you were not about to be left behind! All of a sudden you were taking deliberate steps towards the bubbles! I had to hurry and scoot along with you to steady your toddling hips because you were on the move!

But wait, there’s more. Yesterday, Papa adjusted the white computer tray table to your height, thinking you might like to stand with it. Stand? How about walking with it?! You walked that thing right across the room. Then we turned it around, and you walked it right back. You are clearly so motivated to get this walking thing down pat that I’ll be a little surprised if you aren’t on two legs by your nine month birthday. (Not that I want or need you to be that mobile and independent by then!)

Needless to say, this has been a month of whipping out the video camera as fast as possible multiple times a week.

And perhaps my favorite of your new skills: you now say “Mama” with purpose. Even if I’m already the one holding you, you still associated the sound with comfort. And that makes me very happy indeed.

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