seven months

Have we really entered the second half of your first year?

glimpse of a toddler face

This month…

  • You tried your first solid foods: pear, broccoli, banana, applesauce, tabouleh, asparagus, egg, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber. None of which you particularly loved. Most of which you spit right back out.
  • Just two days ago, you cut your first two teeth (yes, two in 36 hours), so I foresee some happier (or at least more productive) taste testing in the near future.
  • You decided one Sunday that you were ready to roll from back to belly in both directions all across the room. Now I can’t get you to stop.
  • Car travels are easier by the day, as long as we aren’t out past 6pm. Needless to say, we work strictly the morning shift at the baby boutique.
  • And speaking of work, it seems to be a good experience for you to interact with new people and situations. Your smile is bubbling up at a slightly faster rate, which is to say it’s showing up at first meetings, period.
  • Your Uncle Stephen and Aunt Betty came to visit from Chicago and showered you with snuggles. You did finally crack a smile for Uncle Stephen before he left.
  • Your hair is now long enough for little barrettes, so your Mama has wasted no time scouring all the local consignment shops to maximize your stash of bows and flower clips. You kind of hate it when I put one in, but I tell myself that I’m helping keep bangs out of your eyes. I can’t help that you look irresistibly adorable in the process.
  • You have suddenly become interactive, offering me or your Papa a toy and expecting some entertainment to ensue, even asking for repeat performances.
  • You’re consistently telling us when you need to go potty, though I’m not heading down the potty training road until you can walk, so just keep up the communication and we’ll learn to do something with it in a few months.

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