3 hand-me-down pocket diapers and 4 inserts: $0
26 new organic cotton prefolds: $120
4 new one-size diaper covers plus 1 second-hand one-size diaper cover: $61
1 second-hand wool diaper cover for night leak security: $11
1 Snappy: $3
2 new wet bags for dirty diaper storage: $30
one-time expense total for 29 cloth diapers (enough to do laundry every third day) = $225
(using 30 brand new all-in-one cloth diapers instead of prefolds would run you closer to $550 total, though finding these used is easy and could cut that price in half)

240 disposable diapers per month for full-time disposable diapering at 8 diapers per 24 hours: $50 for cheapest bulk Huggies at Walmart (in my experience, you get what you pay for in quality) – $75 for chlorine-free Seventh Generation
x 12 months/2880 diapers = $600 – $900
x 2 years (very conservative potty trained age in the US) = $1200 – $1800

I don’t have a practical way to calculate energy and water usage at this point – either for cost or eco impact – but I’d wager that it doesn’t outweigh the impact of 5760+ diapers of human waste slowly (if ever) decomposing in my local landfill.

Subsequent kids in the picture?
Cost of continuing to use cloth diapers: $0
Cost of disposables: another $1500+ per child

One thought on “diapering

  1. It’s beyond me why anyone still uses disposables anymore. Even if you don’t want to wash poopy diapers, hiring a diaper service is, in most areas, still a better value. Another benefit you could mention is that with cloth, diaper rash is rare! Nora’s only had a rash once, and it was after two days of travel in disposables.

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