six months

helping pot some spring flowers

What a month, baby girl!

  • You sit. Upright. On your own. You have transformed into an entirely new baby who can sit across from me to play, independent of support.
  • Your tolerance of car trips continues to increase, which has changed our lives. We can now take a quick trip without it turning into an hour of crying, hyperventilating, sweating, stopping, nursing, crying, starting again. And our radius for driving has expanded to 30 minutes alone, longer if the car has rocked you into deep enough sleep.
  • We saw the special Yves St Laurent Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum, which took two hours to view. The audio tour receiver came in doubly handy: I got to move at my own pace, and the lanyard was a tasty distraction! (sorry, next person in line for our controller)
  • You nailed your first job interview, helping me sell cloth diapers, baby carriers, and other crunchy goodies at my favorite baby boutique.
  • We took your first trip to the rec center pool, and you loved it. I knew you would.
  • You consumed your first non-breastmilk substance – water – through the straw of my “Birth at Home With Midwives” mug. Fitting, I think. Though you weren’t particularly impressed with the taste.
  • You continue to love, LOVE your bouncer. Best $5 dollars we’ve spent. (thank you, city-wide consignment sale)
  • You had your first two papa-daughter dates out on the town… and on the farm, ’cause that’s how we roll in this family.
  • You still brighten every one of my days.

One thought on “six months

  1. Oh how I adore that sweet babe. She looks so different from your PDX trip. Cutie pie. Great post!

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