five months

My Dearest Darling,

This month, you learned how to drift peacefully off to sleep in the car. Magically, the week your Papa was in the hospital*, you nodded off on nearly every trek back and forth from home. And even if it was just for the one week, I thank you.

You have also discovered the magic of the hanging doorway jumper. Forty minutes is the current record for how long you have bounced with a goofy, drooly grin lighting your little face.

You finally found your thumb, which I knew was bound to happen since you have always loved sucking, but not on a pacifier thankyouverymuch.

And you gave me your first kisses, open-mouthed and wonderful, while we were waiting for Papa’s test results in the hospital. How did you know to time it so perfectly? I melted into a puddle of sappy goo right there in the hospital room.

The grins, the giggles, the gooey kisses… I think you must be the happiest little girl in the world (which is of course my totally unbiased, research-based and scientific opinion). At least, you make my world a better place.

Love you more than five months (or even 14 months) could possibly express,

*Steve is doing better, though still suffering from three (and counting) weeks of fever from a cousin virus to mono.

4 thoughts on “five months

  1. I had no idea Steve was in the hospital! I’m sorry that I’m, possibly, The Worst Friend Ever. Is he doing better?

    Additionally, Emma seems to do a lot of adorable sleeping.

    1. Steve is much better, still a fever here and there. And Steve only really talked about the hospital on twitter, so don’t beat yourself up… too much.

  2. I didn’t even know he had a twitter. Every once in awhile I think of signing up for it, and then I feel sleepy.

    I’m glad he’s doing better.

  3. Catching up on blog reading ad just seeing this post. Beautiful. Don’t you love the kisses! So great! Well-played, Emma!

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