four months

This has been a month of firsts for you, little one:

Your first roll over, tummy to back
. . . and your first roll off the bed (all of 5 inches – enough to give your momma a heart attack, but you barely cried)
Your first stroller excursion and your first mall visit.
Your first trip out of state, which was also packed with firsts:
first plane ride,
first train ride,
first sleepover,
first rain drops,
first beach view
. . . and your first cold.
Your first Academy Awards ceremony (which is roughly equivalent to the Super Bowl in our house)

You’ve also become quite skilled at grabbing whatever strikes your fancy. You’re determined to sit up on your own as soon as possible. You’re polishing your giggle to sound less like a “haww.” And, as if this is possible, you’re smiling even more.

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