Shawn Huckins

Shawn Huckins’ recent American Revolution Revolution series presents thought-provoking, tongue-in-cheek beauty as he superimposes 21st-century tweet and text language over classical 18th-century portraiture. It is remarkable to realize that we have descended/evolved from the generation depicted in just 300 years. The changes in culture, language, life are polarized when layered together in these paintings.

Shawn Huckins. "GW's Comment: Rolling On The Floor Laughing," 2011. Acrylic and pencil on canvas.


“The American Revolution was conceived through an exchange of a few well-formed ideas communicated in person and by handwritten letters. Imagine what George & Co. could have done with the Internet. . . . Technology influences how much we know and what we believe, as well as how quickly and intelligently we convey our ideas. But does how we communicate govern the value of what we communicate? The physical act of typing very fast on small devices has undeniably impacted spelling, grammar and punctuation, encouraging a degree of illiteracy that has become the new social norm. As goes our grammatical literacy, do our social and cultural literacies follow?” – Shawn Huckins

Huckins asks, “What would George [Washington] post?” And I would go further to ask how will our childrens’ childrens’ children respond to our current styles of art and communication?

I encourage you to view his entire collection of tweets and texts.

Huckins has recently moved to Denver and has an upcoming show beginning this First Friday, March 2nd (7-11pm), at Gildar Gallery.

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