Homemade Momma Halloween Costume

Dearest Emma Lucile,

Is it possible to express how I feel right now as I hold you in my arms? Everything “they” say about having a baby is true. You immediately forget what it was like to be pregnant and somehow gloss over the difficulty of pushing through labor. You discover a new depth of love so intense that your very being has become completely enmeshed with this tiny life. You leave the room only to pine for the second you can return. The pains of nursing are far overshadowed by the fact that you have the honor of sending nourishment to an angel’s belly. Watching your newborn sneeze is the most exciting entertainment found.

We had a rough go, Lucy Baby. Rougher than most. For over nine months. And your birth was a continuation of that. To say it was “worth it” is neither here nor there. You were meant for us. And I cannot imagine life without you.

7 pounds 2 ounces – 19 inches

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