PREpartum Depression

This is exactly how I feel tonight:

“You love this little life you are making, and are probably dreaming about what s/he looks like, what it will be like, but you are so bogged down with the physical strain of each day (or even hour, while you’re trying to sleep) that it is difficult to dwell on what real life could be like on the other side of pregnancy. It causes a tension in your thinking… would you rather be pregnant and deal with the pains, or have the baby and be up all night with it? Neither seems a good option and you start realizing, sadly, that it will be a long time before things go back to normal… maybe it never will!”

Read the whole article at
Nearly every obstacle she lists resonates with my last 38 weeks. (I’ve been blessed with an amazingly supportive husband to whom I owe my survival these 9 months)

One thought on “PREpartum Depression

  1. Oh sweetie, I feel you. And I promise that in spite of the sleep deprivation, this part is so awesomely worth it. You are almost there!!!

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