thirty-two weeks

After hearing the ecstatic news that my dear friend Cecily just delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl nearly 4 weeks early — with minimal labor, I might add with jealousy and hopeful anticipation for my birth — I decided I might as well take some maternity photos now so I don’t procrastinate until it’s too late. After this whirlwind of 8 month awfulness, I have it in my head to exhaust all pregnancy rituals in the event that this is my only pregnancy. Which is the plan at this point. If you’d been vomiting for 7 straight sleepless months, you’d reconsider biological siblings, too.

So this weekend, my husband and I set out with a camera and tripod to create our own maternity photo shoot.

The idea for a rainboot collective shot was the only one I was banking on in my picture planning. Tiny, gender-neutral boots are harder to come by than I expected – and I couldn’t justify spending $20+ on props for a photo. Luckily these little yellow wellies showed themselves as I was leaving a local consignment shop. Three dollars? Don’t mind if I do.

And this shot takes first prize as our favorite of the day:

4 thoughts on “thirty-two weeks

  1. Love the pictures!!! Looking forward to a little “Lucy” or “Elijah????”
    Love you bunches and bunches. aunt kim

  2. These are a good start, but I’m holding out for mom superimposed over clouds super imposed over pregnant belly with a baby super imposed over mom (which is superimposed over the clouds, which are superimposed pregnant belly). Oh, also: stars in the corner straight out of clipart ’95.

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