colors and antiques

The farmhouse project is already starting to take shape. Just look what we got done this weekend!

We decided on paint colors… The previous tenant smothered the kitchen with the dark reddish brown, so we’re running with that and repainting the cabinets white (with peach interior) to brighten up the place. Green to go in our bedroom and accent throughout the house. Peach for the mudroom. White for the living room. And white and peach for the attic/guest room.

I purchased two great finds at The Brass Armadillo:
An antique headboard and footboard for the guest room. (Don’t worry, future visitors, we’ll get rid of the Tidy Cat buckets before you arrive.)
And a floral chandelier for our bedroom.

But the most drastic change this weekend, by far, was the floor. This darker finish is the result of just one coat of clear polyurethane, and we still have at least one more coat to go. I am so much happier with the floors now!


So, if you find yourself in our neck of the woods with nothing to do, just let us know. We’ll put you to work.

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