pillow inspiration

I love me some good interior design television. Trading Spaces, anyone? (Where did that show go, anyway?) And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from those shows (besides to keep Hildi far, far away from my house*), it’s that I need a room inspiration piece. So, at the start of my farmhouse redesign project, I remembered seeing these adorable and completely unique throw pillows, which I have now snatched up as my own. They were made by the owner of Kansas City Kitty, a FoCo boutique specializing in wearable and decorative items by local artists – and a favorite Old Town stop of mine.

No, I don’t plan to decorate the house with birds (you’re welcome, Steph Romine) or with brown leaves and blue flowers (though I will be showcasing a man with a beard). I just love the quirkiness and artistic originality that these pillows will bring to our living room. I hope to carry this just-right amount of quirk through the house while still appreciating the “farminess” of the structure’s roots.

I think it’s going to be good.

* Click here for another Hildi disaster.

2 thoughts on “pillow inspiration

  1. What an exciting path you guys are on. One thing I look forward to when we finally move to Canada is getting there with next to nothing and hitting up flea markets and thrift stores to finally get a well-designed apartment that I love.

    1. Oo, yes! How exciting! I’ll be interested to hear how the Canadian thrift stores rate compared to ours. Of course, it should be an upgrade simply moving away from a college town where the stores are often sucked dry!

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