Mitch Dobrowner

In honor of FCMOA‘s current Ansel Adams exhibition (for which I am a docent), I introduce an Adams-inspired digital photographer whom Ansel just might have considered a kindred spirit. Like Adams, Mitch Dobrowner was given his first camera by his father – a fateful gift that transformed the course of Dobrowner’s future. Traveling westward from New York, Dobrowner is now based in California and focuses his efforts on the solitary Western frontier. Using only black and white images, Dobrowner captures the open sky in all its fury and presents an almost surreal version of nature beyond the lens. If you were to accompany me on a tour of Adams’ work, I would tell you the story of his “Golden Gate Before the Bridge” photo: after setting up to shoot the initial layout of the scene, Adams waited for something like an hour until the clouds were just exactly as he wished. Dobrowner’s work reminds me of this particularity in achieving perfect cloud composure, with dropped horizon and overwhelming, dream-like presentation.

Bear's Claw, Moorcroft, Wyoming 2010

Image via Catholic Online

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