little house on the urban prairie

One very sweet aspect of this whole co-owning a farm thing is the home we get out of the deal.  The bare bones are simply adorable: a little white 1912 farmhouse with one bedroom, an open front room, and a nearly-finished attic.

Of course, we will be making a few changes… First on the agenda:  Rip up the god-awful shag carpeting.  We confirmed that there is, in fact, hardwood flooring beneath the carpet.  It’s painted white and dyed green from the carpet padding, but it’s real wood nonetheless.  Hopefully nothing a little power sanding can’t uncover.  A few brushes of paint and a pink sink replacement later, we should have an even more adorable abode to snuggle into!

2 thoughts on “little house on the urban prairie

  1. Joshua wandered in whilst I was looking at the pictures. He asked what they were for. I told him that’s the house Uncle Steve and Aunt Lauren will be moving to.

    He gasped and said, “They’re moving?? What about the doghouse?”

    1. Hmm… Is our current house the “doghouse”? Please assure him that we will be taking the dogs with us, and we’ll have even more room to run around and play!

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