new west weekend

Saturday, I dropped Steve off for a camping/hiking trip with my dad and little bro.  Then I scurried back to town in time for Meese and Earth, Wind & Fire at New West Fest (before the riot, which even made it into an Australian newspaper). 

You’ll notice the difference in proximity to each band… I actually did make it equally close to the Earth, Wind & Fire stage, but I nearly had a panic attack when I realized the crowd would no longer allow me to move.  My journey to the security gates was a fight for my life.  Never had I seen a crowd like this in FtC.

However, once I found a perch with a clear view of the stage (through the trees), I happily sang and danced along to “Shining Star,” the one song I required before heading home.  Mission accomplished.

Sunday consisted of my favorite Ashtanga yoga class, playing fetch at the lake, dropping by the university library (and my favorite reading roost), reading in the sun, watching Anne of Green Gables, and dinner for one at Panera. (thanks, K-Dub for the gift card!)

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