Fernanda Veron

“My spiritual kingdom has gone through the “fuego negro” (the black fire) of the unconscious, where the senses melt and separate themselves from my body and darken the immobility of the present, in an intimate state of purification, in an ascent towards the light: the consciousness of the here, now.  They emerge, from a perceptive universe, in unknown shapes like “dark apparitions” of the unconscious, and like spirit guides, they become an indivisible part of me, towards a higher path, towards a state of knowledge on the other side of what we call “reality.”  I assemble an alphabet of my iconography, I introduce a primitive universe, and I elaborate their cryptic message across a collective religion of the image. ”

–  Maria Fernanda Veron (roughly translated from Italian)

3 thoughts on “Fernanda Veron

  1. that’s incredibly cool. what was this in relation to? i can see she (i’m assuming) is a photographer, but was she referring to a particular photo, or was this in a short story?

  2. hey, so, you posted this infinity ago, but i finally just saw it, and i finally looked at her work. it’s really cool looking. i bought a deck of tarot cards awhile ago with art by dave mckean, and the art looks a lot like hers.

    very cool.

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