road trip: conclusion

Of all the greatness that was our journey to Oregon and back, one point sticks out to me as the most important and exciting aspect of our trip: Steve and I spent every waking and sleeping moment together for 10 full days and are still happily married.  Maybe even happier.  Starting back to work, I miss constantly hanging out with my husband (this coming from a personal space-valuing introvert).  This may seem like an obvious response for most couples.  Not for us.  Time together has not always been easy.  We have worked so hard (and had to) to make our marriage a safe and enjoyable place to be.  And it has already paid off a hundred fold.  I am so grateful to have addressed insecurities, pain, miscommunications, expectations, dreams… this early on.  I realize that we have not completely healed or answered all the questions or solved all the problems.  We never will in this life.  But how fortunate we are to have looked these issues in the eye and acknowledge them together.  With this foundation, future challenges will be sufferable at least.  

This trip was the gratifying payoff for all that we’ve worked through the last three years.  It was wonderful.

(Sorry if you weren’t prepared for the gush-fest.  I didn’t see it coming, myself.)

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