road trip: port land

We somehow always have the best weather when we visit Portland.  I don’t think we have ever experienced Portland rain, which is actually something we look forward to on each trip.  We had such good luck on this trip that we saw both Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens on more than one occasion.  This is a rarity, for those unfamiliar with the area.  We happened upon some of the first days of full sun this summer.  Everyone was in a good mood.  I would equate it to the first sign of snow melt after a requisite March blizzard, when Coloradans pull out their summer shorts and take their dogs to the park (even though it’s only 50 degrees).

This segment of our trip was pretty much everything I could ask for in a vacation.  Amazing friends, no schedule, vintage shopping (and birthday money to actually buy things), movie and pizza night at home, multiple bar visits each day.  Perfection.

HUGE thanks to C&K!  You made Portland feel like home.

One thought on “road trip: port land

  1. Portland is such a great city. Our daughter went to college in McMinnville, so for 4 years we flew in and out of PDX. Those were some of our favorite times. However, we DID see rain, and lots of it, in our years there. I could never live in Portland for that reason, but I love to visit.

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