road trip: salty lake

We just returned home from pretty much the best vacation ever, a road trip to Oregon.   

First installment: The Great Salt Lake
Despite our Utah-native friends’ best efforts, we took the plunge and attempted floating on the lake.  The brine shrimp weren’t quite as nasty as we expected.  And the flies were only especially congregant after we were already wet, and they dispersed after our fresh water shower just long enough to sprint to the car and slam the doors and windows shut before they could hitchhike along with us to Idaho.  That being said, the lake was surprisingly breathtaking.  Almost unreal.    

It took a while to wade out far enough to acclimate our legs to the water.  We were a good quarter-mile from the beach before I took the initiative and leaned back onto the water’s surface.  Once Steve and I were comfortably floating together in stillness, we looked at each other in agreement: “So… this is it?”  Completely underwhelmed.    

However, after a little wafting, we began to appreciate the novelty of not sinking.  My whole life, I have been horrible at floating.  But in the Salt Lake, I could lift my head up and doggie paddle around and still lie effortlessly across the water.  I was expecting to actually feel the water push me up.  Instead, the water just gently held us and kept us from drowning (although Steve did get to experience the regretful delicacy of salted brine shrimp).    




I celebrated my birthday on the drive from Ogden to Portland and found this the morning we left…
Steve arranged a shopping spree with a great Portland friend to find the perfect birthday dress!   

2 thoughts on “road trip: salty lake

  1. Love the pics of you guys swimming…you’ve inspired this SLC native to consider the possibility that immersing oneself in the lake isn’t so bad.

    And don’t you mean birthday dressES!? I still can’t believe our luck! What fun.

    Thanks for hanging out with us. We miss you guys already!


    1. I’m so glad I could inspire you to Salt Lake openness!
      And indeed you are correct – THREE birthday dresses! (is that possible?) I wore one yesterday and fully intend to wear the other two this week.

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