defining moments – 4

Steve asked me what five defining moments in my life have made me who I am today…

  1. Swim meet
  2. African sky
  3. Birthday roses
  4. Labor Day Weekend 2009, my  younger brother vowed to love and cherish his new wife.  During the reception, he sang a song he had written for his bride.  “You’re perfect for me.”  I did not tear up.  No, I bawled.  Ugly, heaving, mascara-running, red-faced bawling.  I’ve heard him sing hundreds of times before, many while singing with him.  But in that moment was a culmination of years of pride.
    My little brother has always been one of my most favorite people in the world.  He’s one of those people who really thinks before he acts.  He deeply values relationships and still has close friends from early childhood.  It takes a while to really get to know him, but once you’re friends, he’s in it for the long haul.  He is wise and discerning, able to tell the genuine from the fake.  But he doesn’t share his opinion liberally.  I practice begging – the input is well worth the effort.  He’s handsome but doesn’t see it, which makes him all the cuter – as any young lady from class of 2004 can attest.  He’s a talented musician, singer, songwriter, athlete, poet, mediator… He pretty much excels at whatever he does.  He has always been cooler than me, which I secretly (or not so secretly) thought should be the other way around since I was older.  But I wished success for him at every turn.  I cried when he made his first tackle during a middle school football game.
    He hasn’t let me help him much through the years, but this event was one that I was able to help plan.  And in the midst of the reception, in the midst of juggling a wedding schedule, I helped him cross into a new phase of life.  This new phase, with our new family member, has also opened a door into a deeper friendship with my brother.  Getting to know each other as married adults has been – and I don’t use this word often, but I don’t know what else to call it – a blessing.

What moments define you?

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