ENFP/INTJ – ideal match

Taken from PersonalityCafe.com article:

The ENFP/INTJ relationship is considered the ‘ideal match’ by Keirsey. …

The biggest need of an INTJ in a romantic relationship is independence. To the ENFP, this may, at times, be interpreted as rejection of the ENFP and of the relationship in general. This is simply not true, however: while the INTJ desires independence in general, support from their ENFP partner, offered while still allowing them to be independent, is one of the greatest gifts they could receive. That is what truly makes the relationship unique – the duality of independent parties within the relationship, but also with a system of support offered to no one else. If this is offered, then the INTJ will be more open and content than if the need were suspended or rejected by their partner.

My ENFP husband has mastered the art of respecting my independence while supporting me, and I thank him for that.

One thought on “ENFP/INTJ – ideal match

  1. my husband is more of an “I”, it’s made the transition a bit easier I think…except that we both live inside our heads making it a bit of an effort to share

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