1958 – Gigi

It’s been weeks since we watched this film, but I have lacked the time and motivation to post.  Hopefully I can remember some details…

Leslie Caron gave a much better performance in Gigi than in An American in Paris.  So much so that I really enjoyed this film.  The storyline isn’t one with flash and glory.  It is understated and sweet.  Gigi lives with her aristocratic grandmother in Paris at the turn of the 20th century.  Her great aunt is teaching her how to be a pleasing gentlewoman with the power to have any man she wishes.

The wealthy bachelor Gaston Lachaille is a close friend of the family who eventually becomes prey to Aunt Alicia’s wiles.  The warm, excited feelings (for a romance-loving girl, anyway) come when Gaston realizes that he has naturally fallen in love with young Gigi.  Gigi is initially hesitant to succomb to the changes of womanhood, but soon gives in to her own blossoming feelings for Gaston.

In the same playful vein as Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina, Gigi is delightfully fun and stands out among its surrounding Best Pictures as refreshingly short, lasting only 110 minutes amid several three- and four-hour long epics.

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