aches and fish

I feel like I’m due for a personal update.  I’ve been cranking out movie reviews, and I’m stuck on my next “defining moment.”  Unfortunately, I haven’t been physically journaling–pen to paper–either, so my life has rolled along undocumented.

I have gone two full weeks now with no migraine.  The last full week I lived sans headache was in October last year…and the majority of the weeks in between included five or six migraines each… so you can imagine my excitement in this new-found, pain-free life.  The key?  Acupuncture.  I’m also drinking 80+ ounces of water per day, attending yoga classes, popping Magnesium, Omega-3 and Butterbur pills, using a keyboard tray at work, and sleeping only 8 hours per night (when I could easily snooze 10+ hours).  I tried chiropractors and medical doctors and an osteopathic medical therapist.  But it has been acupuncture that finally cinched the pain.

Perhaps to aid in recovery, I puchased a fish friend for my desk.  I held a naming contest among coworkers with a prize of the fish bearing the winner’s name as his middle name.  Jane won with Captain Henry Jane Limpet.  She printed out a miniature poster of The Incredible Mr. Limpet to decorate my desk.  So far, the Captain seems to be acclimating well.  Few believe me until they sit at my desk, but I don’t lie when I say that Henry is very interactive.  He swims over to visit with me, and he follows my finger over the bowl.  He’s a good chum.

Oh, and I found out last month that I’ve been accepted to the public health masters program I applied to in January.  So I’ll be hitting the books again this fall.  Here’s hoping I can handle a full-time job plus 3-6 graduate credit hours…

One thought on “aches and fish

  1. That is so awesome that you have found some answers to your migraines. I hope you continue to see longer and longer amounts of time in between …until they are gone completely!

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