Steve thought I should include one of the essays I had to write for my grad school application.  “Describe your plans for graduate study and a professional career and how this program will contribute to them”:

While in Africa, I watched nurses bathe AIDS babies in bleach and dress severely infected wounds that could easily have been prevented, wounds that have become commonplace in areas of extreme poverty.  It is in these moments that I know something must be done about the world’s management of healthcare.  The inequality of health standards across the globe must be reformed.

Madeleine Albright once said, “It is essential to care about human rights—that ultimately is the basis of our existence.”  I maintain that it is every human’s right to obtain health education and care.

My foremost desire is to work in disadvantaged, underdeveloped, and rural environments, making my knowledge available to those who lack easy access to medical attention.  Ultimately, I would like to contribute to public health on a global scale.  I have long had dreams of developing clinics overseas to teach basic healthcare, nutrition, and hygiene, in an attempt to stop illness before it starts.  Habits as simple as brushing teeth and washing hands can drastically reduce the transmission of disease.  But many communities have little or no access to hygienic resources and education, leaving easily managed diseases free to escalate into epidemic tragedies.

Colorado State University’s Master of Public Health Generalist program offers a focus in Global Health and Health Disparities that pinpoints my passion for public health.  Courses in international development, infectious disease, and public communication, among many others, will shape my future in public health service both domestically and abroad.  My successful completion of these classes will confer more than a diploma citing my name; it will position strategies for world change.

During my studies or upon completion of my degree, I plan to serve in the Peace Corps as a preliminary application of my education.  That level of hands-on experience combined with a vigorously sought degree will form the first stepping stones to a life-long career of strengthening public haleness.  I hope to one day look back and confidently say that I have improved global health.

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