ben button

If you haven’t seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you should.

Someone told me the film is similar to Forrest Gump in it’s layout.  I would agree with this.  For me this comparison is not a turn-off, as I am a fan of Forrest.  For those of you who were less fond of the Gump (ahem, Cuyler), go ahead and give Ben Button a chance.  It’s different enough.  The plot is completely different, and the idea of aging backwards is original.  It’s just the story telling that calls up memories of Forrest and Jenny.

P.S. You should also see Slumdog Millionaire.  It is painful and beautiful to watch.  The truth of India is captured in a non-documentary, feature-length, fiction film that is Westerner-friendly but uncompromising in Indian culture.  And be sure to stay for the credits.

It appears the film industry is making a comeback.

One thought on “ben button

  1. on all parts…agreed. (c:

    specifically, i was also reminded of forest gump while watching benjamin button (in the story telling aspect anyway). but while i wasn’t thoroughly pleased with gump (didn’t hate it, but wasn’t my fav) i really really was impressed with button.

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