1941 – How Green Was My Valley

This one was a chore to sit through.  It rivals Cimarron as the worst Best Picture we’ve yet seen.

Huw Morgan is the main character and narrator of the story, a Welsh man looking back on his life in a small mining town.  Huw (pronounced “hue”) was the youngest of six brothers and one sister.  His parents had high hopes for Huw to become an academic, to rise above the family’s circumstances.  Huw, however, opted to stay home and follow in the mining footsteps of his father and brothers.  Except for the Welsh Singers choir who turned up randomly in most scenes, none of the actors were actually Welsh, and most did not even attempt an accent.  Several drawn out deaths, misunderstood loves, and inumerable spontaneous Welsh choir songs later, Huw apparently left the village, never to come back.

The film got rave reviews at the time release.  I think these sentiments have expired.

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