1938 – You Can’t Take It with You

One word: bizarre.  How did they come up with this story?

James Stewart plays Tony Kirby, only son of a famous banker, who falls in love with his secretary, Alice.  It’s when we meet Alice’s family that things get crazy.  It was a circus.  The whole movie was a circus show of embarrassing family antics.  I found myself covering my eyes due to the stressful situations the characters put themselves in.  Between the shameless ballerina, the fireworks, the Russian revolutionary wrestler, and the live kitten paperweight, it was hard to know what could pop up next.  I felt that it all made for a rather unconventional Academy Award winner.

Near the end of the movie, “Grandpa” delivers the film’s title line, “You can’t take it with you,” as he explains to Kirby Senior that having friends will mean more in the end than all his money.  And so the film morphed into a feel-good moral lesson.

Entertaining if you aren’t expecting great things from the characters.  And certainly bizarre.

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