c o l d p l a y

Friday night, Whitney took me to the Coldplay concert at the Pepsi Center. (Thank you, Whitney!)  Neither Whit nor I are huge concert-goers, but Coldplay was on each of our shortlists of bands we had to see.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.  The second song in the set was my favorite song of all time, “Clocks.”  At that moment, my life became a little more complete.  “Strawberry Swing” was performed a little later, which was a necessary part of our evening: both Whitney and I have associated each other with the song.  Then, as a HUGE bonus for me, Chris broke into Erik Satie’s “Gnossiennes No. 1,” a cornerstone musical piece from my favorite movie, The Painted Veil.  Chris and I definitely had a connection.

I must give a shout out to the second opener, Jon Hopkins.  He’s a British electronica artist, and he’s worth watching.  For this tour with Coldplay, he pairs his spin techniques with the animated graphics of Vince Collins, shown on a screen that shares the stage.  Whitney and I agreed that the graphics might have been better with a little cannabis, but the show was incredible just the same.

The whole experience was unreal.  I breathed the same air as Chris Martin.  I heard him speak and saw him sweat.  And I got to share the experience with someone just as in love with Coldplay as I am.  It was wonder-full.

…[A thought while at the concert]… I think I could be an eccentric British musician.  Music pulls odd things out of me.  I think if I was on stage, I would be willing to dance around foolishly with confidence.  Maybe in my next life…

One thought on “c o l d p l a y

  1. Loved it Lauren!! Thanks for your efforts in winning the contest and for being a great partner to experience the concert with. I too think I could be an eccentric english musician dancing around all nutty like on the stage. I think when you’re talented, you could do just about anything and no body would question it…right.

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