I finally have a job.

After more than two months of searching, applying, contacting, and interviewing, I have accepted a full-time position where I have been temping the past three weeks.

It is almost unbelievable to me that the wait is over.  I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for eleven long weeks, and now I can finally breathe.  I walked outside the office on my lunch break yesterday, and I could feel air fill my lungs and lift my chest, as if my body had nearly forgotten to breathe and has just begun to remember the rhythm.

Life had come to down to a fragile waiting game.  Balancing money when we had barely an income and worrying about our lease and wondering where to find work, if we needed to move to Denver, and knowing that the situation was no one’s fault… It was almost too much.  Life decisions changed daily: we would make one decision in the morning, and by evening, something would come up that would turn everything back on its head.  Having gotten used to this pattern, I’m almost too afraid to believe that it’s over.

I’ve taken great comfort in the tax and insurance forms sent home with me to complete.  IT even set up my own computer and email account within a day of the official offer.  It may take another month or two to become accustomed to this new rhythm of life, but we’re on our way out of what has been quite the forced learning experience.  I know that I’m stronger even now because of the difficulties, the injustices, the patience… I can only assume that the lessons learned will compound with time.

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