whirlwind day

I guess I should start with Wednesday.  I had an interview at an employment agency that ended up lasting over two hours because of testing.  The interview went well.  I immediately hit it off with the hiring associate.  She didn’t think I was an idiot for losing my last job: she listened to me peel back the layers of just how bad a situation it was (I was cautious, but she was picking up where I was headed and let me vent a little, which I appreciated).  After paperwork, it was testing time.  I now know that I type 11,566 keystrokes per hour and 80 words per minute.  I reached a perfect score on the Word test and a near-perfect on the Excel test.  She said she had a potential temp position in mind and would let me know.

As for Thursday, I started my day by dressing up for a walk-in interview at a different employment agency in town.  I got half-way there and realized I’d forgotten my suit jacket.  After turning around to get it, I got all the way there to realize I definitely did not need it.  The fact that I was not wearing jeans categorized me as overdressed.  Although their website did not suggest this, the agency focuses primarily on labor jobs, not office jobs.  I’m pretty sure I smelled like cigarrette smoke when I left.

While I was filling out paperwork for this agency, I got a call from the healthcare center I applied to (for three different positions).  I set up an interview for Tuesday afternoon as a CNA, five hours after my first Tuesday interview in Broomfield as a corporate admin assistant.

I found out through email that I’m still in the race for the CSU office manager position I interviewed for two weeks ago.  The Colorado government spending freeze is just causing things to move more slowly.

I went by the mall to swap some more expensive Banana Republic shirts for some less expensive Limited shirts.  On my way out, the labor-focused employment agency called to offer me a position as a weekend furniture salesperson through December.  No thanks.

When I got home, I got a call from the CSU employment office offering me an interview for an admin position in Boulder.  I’m waiting for contact from the department itself.  I then got a call from the first employment agency offering me a part-time temp position at CSU for two days per week for the next two weeks. 

So here I am, surfing the web, writing a post, and answering the phone every once in a while.  The boss already thinks I’m an idiot because I messed up a name on a call.  And I’ve already been told that I look like I just got out of high school.  All in all, a successful day.

One thought on “whirlwind day

  1. so when it rains it pours I guess. at least this is the good kind of rain :) I hope the right job finds you, friend. my temp days had me at a fancy law firm one week and a milk plant the next. pretty random, but it paid the bills.

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