Is it okay to experience “praise and worship” with Coldplay?

Because I do.

No matter what is going on, if “Clocks” starts playing, I am at peace.  I feel like I’m flying.  Several other Coldplay songs have a similar effect.  And I like that.  The lyrics might not be “Jesus loves me, this I know” or “You; You are; You are God; You are God God God,” but the musicianship is far above and beyond anything I’ve heard in a church service or on a worship CD.  I always disliked listening to “Christian” music because, on a whole, it is subpar.  I think it was my little brother who explained to me once that the reason “Christian” music was lacking was because the artists tend to desire perfection in the recording studio, rather than letting the music flow, keeping the voice cracks and guitar squeeks.  Now, I don’t know about all of the recording technicalities, but it seems unfair that Christian artists lack talent that seems to abound in secular culture.  I used to feel sorry that Christian artists had to be such poor saps when it came to writing and playing.

These days, since I tend to be more inclusive than exclusive with my realms of humanity–meaning, I don’t see the world divided into Christians versus non-Christians (as I was taught)–I proudly and fully experience “Clocks” as more than my favorite song.  It becomes an experience.  Anything that can put your heart to rest is worth listening to.

One thought on “clocks

  1. i have that same religious experience with some cloud cult and matisyahu, though matisyahu is essentially jewish worship. even buckethead can do that. the very first BH concert i went to, i took an atheist friend with me, and BH went into this really long mellow layered semi-electronic guitar improv. i stood with my eyes closed for what turned out to be 10 minutes before realizing my eyes were closed. i looked over at my atheist friend, and her eyes were closed, head tilted upward, giving herself a hug, as if she herself were having a religious experience.

    even at a really hard metal show, i have kind of religious experience afterwards, when i’m exhausted and ache all over.

    yesterday i got a sudden intense pang of nostalgia when i heard a five iron frenzy christmas song. my eyes immediately started to weep and sting.

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