I had interview today for an office management position at CSU.  I feel like it went well.  I was confident in my answers; I presented myself well; I think I conveyed that I have what it takes to fill the role.  As I began to realize that interviewers seemed a bit worried about my age, I tried to reassure them by saying that I am aware that I am one of the youngest applicants (to which one of the women blurted out a “yeah,” as if she was surprised I had the audacity to come to the interview), but I have done a lot with my life.  I said I was surprised to see that I was one of the youngest individuals taking the state administrative assistant test, but when I got my test score showing that I ranked #1 of all the testers, I felt I wasn’t so out of place.

All in all, I felt prepared and confident.  And I looked great! :)

I invested in a suit this week, special for the occasion.  And I’m glad I did.  Although I was much dressier than my interviewers, I do not feel that I was overdressed.  I can just imagine how young they would think I look if I wasn’t in a blazer.

(no edit, no crop, no kidding)

(my spiffy new shoes: Bandolino kitten heel pumps)

You’d give me a job, wouldn’t you?

5 thoughts on “suit

  1. look at you fancy pants. I agree with deana, you look like a CEO. Good for you, however it goes down at least you know you looked office-sexy ;)

  2. you look like one hot professional. they would be crazy not to hire someone as smart and able as you. but wait…does this mean that if you did get the job you would be moving to Ft Collins??

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