No, that is not a piece of wirey string.
Behold my first gray hair.

The bad news:
I am only 24.

The good news:
It appears that my gray hair will be growing in curly.

4 thoughts on “discovery

  1. i got gray hair two. it’s starting to grow in at my temples. i think it’d be really cool if my temples went gray. i’d wear sweater vests, carry a pipe with me every where i went and constantly talk about “the beav” and wally. those rapscallions.

  2. have you been through a stressful time recently? sometimes stress can cause random gray hairs (i think i have heard this before). otherwise it means we are getting older and i don’t like that reason.

  3. hmm… stress.. I hadn’t thought about that.
    finishing college, moving to a new town, taking care of a house, learning a new job, losing a job, running out of money…
    i think you might be onto something.

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