in peace

For the most part, I really dislike cemeteries.  Don’t most people?  They can be so creepy.  And Hollywood capitalizes on that, making dead people crawl out of the ground and live people get sucked in…  No good.

Recently, however, I have found a graveyard that I consider quite friendly.  I used to ride through Grandview Cemetery on my way to work, and I return for visits relatively often.  Huge trees canopy the lots, and gravel drives wind their way through the headstones.  The stones are not always laid out in strict rows; they seem to be gathered like little communities–many of which date back to the 19th century.  There’s something about this cemetery that makes me feel like a part of the human family.  Those buried here seem to really rest in peace.  Peace extends throughout the grounds like the leaves that reach to touch one another.

Yesterday, Steve and I walked over to take some pictures and enjoy the beauty of the place.

P.S. Please don’t steal my pictures; that’s just rude.  If you’d like to use one, just ask. If you’re a fellow artist, I’m sure you understand.

2 thoughts on “in peace

  1. YA Lauren! I am so glad that you switched to WordPress. I love your pictures in this post. How amazing to find peace and comfort in a cemetery. There was one day years ago that I randomly pulled over into a cemetery and sat for a while. It was a surreal, serene moment. I remember writing in my journal “today I found LIFE in a cemetery.”

  2. i actually like cemeteries. tho, maybe i prefer the older ones. back in Mass there is an abundance of cemeteries and they are all quite old. there is something quiet and mysterious about them that intrigues me.

    the one photo that i’ve ever gotten published was taken at a cemetery in Ipswitch, MA from the 16th century…and it’s still one of my favorites. (c:

    great photos here…i really like the shot into the vase.

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